All material is copyright of Alex & Shannon at Fangirls & Foundations

Stealing is just plain old wrong, and let's face it manners cost nothing! It's nice to link back (and be linked back to!) when you're using someone else's material.

The majority of the photos are our own others are sourced from Google Images

Finally, before starting this blog, we both pinky promised to give our honest opinions on the products and events we'd decide to review, no matter where the product may have come from! As there's nothing more frustrating then using your own hard earned cash to buy a product because it's been hyped up on someone's blog, only to find it's actually a poor product!

We're a PR friendly blog and posts marked with a * as of 07th August 2013 are sponsored posts. 


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We're Shannon & Alex and we're not your usual pretty in pink bloggers so expect more fun than floral! We're both studying at Sheffield Hallam Uni - Shannon is doing Journalism and Alex is studying Creative Writing.

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