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Hey there! Long time no speak, well, from me at least! First off I'd like to apologise for being a bad blogger and not posting in a fair while. Secondly, I'd like to apologise to Alex for going to her house to have a constructive 'blog day' which actually turned into me eating half of her freshly made Cherry Bakewells (which if she doesn't do a recipe post for I won't be happy!) as well as 2 packs of hula-hoops, a funsize pack of party rings ( I stress the 'funsize' bit as there's nothing 'fun' about those tiny packs!) and a bagel... My bad!

Anyway, enough apologising. After waking up with some new found motivation this morning, I checked our Twitter mentions to find that we'd been tagged to do the Confessions Of A Blogger questions by the amazing (She's actually my favourite blogger but shhh!) MyDogBlog09 ! Here are our my answers... (As Alex is off spending the day with her boyfriend for his birthday, and I kind of owe it to her to post anyway!)

When did you start Blogging?
We started blogging on the 31/07/2013, so we're not even a month old yet! We're babies in the blogging world, but I know Alex and myself can't believe how fast we're growing and we thank you all for being so welcoming and encouraging to us, I love the blogging family!

Have you had any other past online presence (blogs, YouTube)
I have a separate blog which helped me get to grips with the Blogger basics but when Alex suggested we had a joint blog I thought that'd be more ideal. After all, as we've established I'm the most inconsistent blogger ever and It's great to have someone else contributing to the blog especially someone with the writing skill that Alex has!

What was your first post?
We did an introductory post just to... well... introduce ourselves! But our first 'proper' post was a Bargain Beauty post about the amazing £1 Tangle Teezer Alternative!

What was your biggest challenge about blogging?
For me (believe it or not!) it's gaining consistency in posting as well as attracting people to the blog, it's bloomin' hard work!

Where do you see your blog in one year?
Hopefully still active! I just want us to keep growing, simple as that!

What is the most rewarding thing about blogging?
Feedback. Feedback is what makes it worthwhile it's amazing to know people like what you're writing and even more so that they are actually reading it!

What is the most discouraging thing that’s happened to you?
Nothing really discouraging has happened but to speak for myself and probably Alex to an extent we're impatient and when we see these blogs who have tonnes and tonnes of followers,  I'll be honest, I get jealous! I want that for our blog, and ( in a Veruca Salt voice) I want it now! *stamps feet* I'm such a idiot that at one point I didn't even take into consideration that some of these people had been blogging for years and had worked really hard to get where they are! Thankfully, now I fully realise this and without accidentally answering the next question I have the utmost respect to all bloggers who are still at it after posting their first post, seriously, I do!

What’s your lasting motivation and inspiration?
Other bloggers! Whether it be your blog design, writing style, post ideas or even photography you wonderful lot are forever inspiring me!

So that's it! There's my confessions and I'm going to tag... YOU! Yes you, all of you! I think you can learn a lot about a blogger from these confessions so I want anyone who reads this to do them and then comment below to say you have and I'll check out your answers!!

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12 amazing comments:

  1. Hi Shannon, as a blogging newbie myself, I have to say a lot of what you've written resonates with me, especially you're answer about seeing other blogs with lots of followers.

    I've assumed that other blogs have easily gained followers and that I could do it just as easily, but it is really a struggle to keep up the momentum.

    I hope I read this post a few months from now and smile because I've had a little more success, and I wish you the same :o)

    Lots of love

    Nahid Aley at www.thethingsiloveblog.com

    1. Thank you so much! I really hope I can do that too! :)

      Shannon x

  2. loving this tag! I'm a relatively new blogger aswell - good luck! :D

    The Best Lipstick for A/W 2013!

  3. Enjoyed reading the first para =p
    I agree with you honey consistency is very difficult to gain with all our studies and jobs..

    1. Seriously, Alex was so up for having a real constructive day and I just showed up, emptied her cupboards drank her tea, watched Scooby Doo and left having done nothing, oopsy!
      Consistency is such a necessity but it's so darn hard to develop,I think I'm going to try some different methods to try and become consistent then do a post on which method helped the most! Does that sound like a good idea? :)

      Shannon x

  4. I've done this tag, thank you for tagging me I had so much fun doing it. ^_^

    It'll be live on my blog tomorrow evening. :D

    Keep up the great work girls!


    1. Thanking you! Can't wait to read your answers!! :D

      Shannon x

  5. Advertising and attracting viewers to your blog is definitely hard work--going from blog to blog to leave a comment is fine, but using hashtags on Twitter/FB/Pininterest/Tumblr is personally nervewrecking for me, haha.

    Consistent posting isn't so hard if you manage 2-3 posts a week, I think. Doesn't exhaust topics, and between the two of you, you guys could probably do one post per week each :D

    Anyways, I've nominated you guys for a Liebster Award over here
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. Thanks a lot for commenting and for nominating us!

      I think you're right 2-3 posts a week would be a good idea and manageable too, as for attracting viewers, I'm the opposite I'm terrified of commenting on other people's blogs just in case they think I'm hassling them!

      Shannon x

  6. Oooh this is a good tag! I've started out too and I completley agree with your answers but then I realise that we all have to start somewhere!



    1. too right we do, I had to remind myself of that too! I turned the "jealously" into a motivation! Best of luck with your blog :)

      Shannon x



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