Monday, September 1

I'm getting into doing outfit posts but I hate taking pictures of myself because I always look so awkward an grumpy. But it's kinda hard to do an outfit post without pictures so enjoy my grumpy looking self. Yet again I'm lying through my teeth when I say 'Outfit of the Day' because I wore this like three weeks ago.

Tuesday, August 26


The Boyfriend Jean has become a huge new trend and I've been on a hunt for the perfect pair. Along the way I've found that there are many aspects that alter and I think that's what makes me love them so much; it makes them seem more of a permanent personal style choice, rather than a fashion trend that is in one season and out the next. That said they are a great jean for this transitional period from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter because you won't sweat to death on a warmer day or freeze on a cool one when you're wearing a style of jean that tends be cut up, turned up and baggy.

Wednesday, August 6

This is sure to be the first of many Lipstick Logs. My collection of lipsticks, stains, balms, glosses and scrubs just gets bigger and I have so many amazing products I want to tell you all about it's going to take me a while to get through them. It can be tricky sifting through crap to find that perfect lipstick so I'll let you know when I find a product I think you'll love too. This Sleek Lipstick isn't perfect but it is amazing it's in my top 10 for sure!

Tuesday, July 22

6 months… I haven’t posted in 6 bloomin’ months?! I’d love to give you some elaborate reason as to why I haven’t been posting, but alas I cannot! I honestly have no clue where the past 6 months have gone, or why I haven’t been able to motivate myself to talk to you lovely lot. The thing that annoys me most, is that it’s not even like I’ve had nothing to tell you - I have plenty to talk to you all about!  I haven’t been a hermit for the past 6 months, honest!

Friday, June 13

I’d heard about the Hair Growth range by Lee Stafford months and months before I finally took the plunge and bought the lot because the products are pretty pricey. When I finally did get them it was because I spied the lot in Boots on three for two, how could I resist? For me, it’s worth them money, as long as I'm not too skint, here’s why…

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