Give him some credit!* ft Dynamo (1/?)

Hey everybody! Today I've decided to post something a little bit different from our usual posts here on Fangirls&Foundations. The main reason for me doing so, is not just because I like to shake things up a bit, but also because I read a newspaper today... Now I know that sounds totally irrelevant but roll with me on this! To be frank I'm fed up of bad news. I'm fed up of seeing celebrities getting publicity from doing some weird ass stuff, some of which is bordering on disturbing ( Miley i'm looking at you girl!)

This is why I've decided to start a new series of posts called "Give him/her some credit!" This series will focus on the good things that some of the lesser known celebrities have put into our society, the ones who deserve hell of a lot more credit than they're actually getting! Now, without further ado  the first celebrity I've chosen to feature in this series has actually been around for a while however, he caught my attention rather late on compared to many other people (I know, not a good Journalistic trait eh?!) Anyway his name is Steven Frayne,  does that ring a bell? No? How about if I call him Dynamo?!

So, for those of you who don't know, Steven aka Dynamo aka The Martian aka Magician Impossible ( I see what he did there!)  hails from Bradford ( Yorkshire pride woooo!)  He's also, in my opinion, one of the best magicians we've ever had emerge in our country. Everything he does seems so smooth and effortless! So much so,  he's astounded just about everybody, including, Will Smith, The Foo Fighters, Robbie Williams and even Prince Charles! Anyway, enough of me rambling. Here he is in a video for Pepsi's #LIVEFORNOW campaign, which I think captures the essence of Dynamo perfectly!

Amazing right?! Although Dynamo is amazing at leaving his audiences speechless,  he is also an amazing charity supporter, he supports charities including: BeatBullying, Comic Relief, Prince's Trust, Sport Relief, Teenage Cancer Trust & Rays of Sunshine. Of course with Dynamo being the flawless magician he is he doesn't just support them by simply handing them the money, oh no!  Dynamo incorporates his act into his fundraising, with one of the most memorable scenes from his TV show Magician Impossible being where Dynamo, having placed a bet on the Euro 2012 results and after getting every score right on his accumulator, bagged an amazing £10,000 which he then took to the Teenage Cancer Trust in person and thanked them for their amazing work as well as performing for the children on the ward!

Now, I don't know how you guys feel about the downbeat stories in the media as of late, but I think that the media should be reporting more of the amazing work done by celebrities, just like Dynamo! After all I think that it's great to see celebrities be so passionate about something outside of their work, especially something that will be so beneficial to other people! 

Who do you guys think I should talk about in my next post of the series? Which celebrities do you respect for the work they do for others?
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  1. Aw this is a great post! Such a good idea


    1. Thank you! I'm on a one woman mission to ban negativity hahaha!

      Shannon x

  2. Great post, such a good idea and a great read! :)



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