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I am the worst when it comes to reading! I pick up a book and read for hours then put it down, go to bed, and never pick it up again. I honestly can't remember the last book I read all the way through. I set myself this challenge, why don't you join me?

As you may have guessed from the title the challenge is to read 14 books in the year 2014 which is nowhere near the 50 Book Challenge but I like to read slowly and it would be unrealistic for me. But you never know, by the year 2050 I might manage that challenge! 

I'll keep you up to date on the books I read and if they're any good or if they're pants. If you take the challenge let me know. Thanks for reading,

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  1. I love reading. but since having my son I never really have the time. I'd love to get back to reading again this year. Good luck with your challenge! I hope you do it!!

    Niki xx


  2. I love reading - my goal for 2014 is 75, which I managed in 2013 too. You're right to set yourself a manageable goal, there's no point trying for fifty when you know you won't do it! Are you on Goodreads? It's a great resource for finding book recommendations, and they do a yearly goal thing where you can keep track of all the books you read and it tells you whether you are on track or not! You should check it out :)

    Jane x

    1. 75 is a lot! I'll go take a look at Goodreads but I already have a long list of books I need to read
      Alex x

  3. Good luck with your challenge. I find I have times where I don't stop reading and times where I just don't find the time to!

  4. Good luck with your goal! It's so important to set yourself a manageable goal, there's no point aiming for something unrealistic just because people around you are :)
    I'm doing the 50 book challenge and have just finished book #2 today so I'm on track :)

    Jess xo

  5. Good luck with this. Last year, I set myself the challenge of reading 13 in 13 and actually managed 14.5 (I was half way through a book at the end of the year), but I was kinda mad with myself because I'd read 10 books by July, which meant I only read 4.5 in the remaining five months of the year. I'm aiming to read more than 14.5 this year and have even joined an online book club :)

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