The INTHING & an apology!

Hey there folks, I’m so sorry we  haven’t posted in what seems an absolute age but I don’t think neither Alex or I realised how big of a step starting uni  (and in Alex’s case moving out too!) was actually going to be! Hopefully though, as of now, I should be back to posting pretty regularly and let me tell you, I have loads of awesome post ideas! So let’s get cracking, starting with this post, let me tell you about  THE IN THING campaign.

Whether it be a relative, a close friend or even a friend of a friend, I think I’m right in saying that we all know someone who’s either battled or is battling cancer.  This is unsurprising as according to Cancer Research UK someone is diagnosed with the disease every two minutes, no wonder why Cancer is the number one fear of the British public.

Leading Cancer charity, Cancer Research UK, are forever coming up with amazing ideas for campaigns to raise money to help with the development of friendlier and more advanced treatments to fight the terrible disease. Their most recent campaign ‘THE IN THING’ asks us all to get the girls around and have a fun night in this November. How you raise money for the cause during you night in is completely up to you, but here are some ideas:

  •          Have a karaoke competition and film everyone’s performances! If you use Singstar the person with the lowest score at the end of the night could donate or face having their performance uploaded to You Tube!
  •       Set up a douchebag jar just like on New Girl or even a swear jar! If anyone makes a douchey comment or cusses make them donate a pound to the box! (You won’t believe how effective this one is!)
  •          Get into the Great British Bake Off  spirit and challenge the girls to see who’s the real star baker, then sell your creations at work/uni/college/school the next day!

Sound like fun? Get involved with THEINTHING and request your free party pack!

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