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I’d heard about the Hair Growth range by Lee Stafford months and months before I finally took the plunge and bought the lot because the products are pretty pricey. When I finally did get them it was because I spied the lot in Boots on three for two, how could I resist? For me, it’s worth them money, as long as I'm not too skint, here’s why…

There are just the three products in the range; the shampoo, conditioner and the treatment. The Shampoo and Conditioner retail at £6.99 and the treatment costs £7.99 so they aren't the cheapest hair products around. I used the products for about a month and a half, on and off with the intention of growing out my fringe for festival season- I don't want a greasy full fringe slapped to my forehead it's not a good look and my hair gets so greasy, so quickly that dry shampoo can't even help me.

The Treatment
What shocked me the most was that you use the treatment in between shampooing and conditioning- I've only ever used treatments you use after everything else or on their own. Another thing I wasn't expecting was that you massage the treatment on to your scalp as well as the rest of your hair because most hair treatments are only used at the ends of your hair. I was a bit concerned about applying the treatment at my roots because my hair is naturally oily so I thought it might weigh down my hair and make it look greasy but to my pleasant surprise it gave my hair volume and didn't make it greasy at all. 

The Smell
Personally I don't like the smell of the products, I think it's really strongly perfumed. That said, everyone from my boyfriend to my Nan complements how I smell then I use this range so maybe it's just me being odd...

Hair Loss
I don't have a mass issue with hair loss, it's not like I have bald patches or anything but it does sometimes feel like I malt as much as my fluffy little cat. I used the products on and off and I could really tell a difference in hair loss. I barely lost any hair when I used the Hair Growth collection, it was nice to not keep finding stray hairs in stupid places, or to shed them on other people. It can be kinda gross...

My hair feels in such good condition when I use this stuff, from root to tip which is excellent. Then there is the growth aspect. The idea behind the products is that they improve the condition of your scalp which in turn helps it grow quicker than when your scalp is a little neglected and I can honestly say it works. 

A silly picture I know, but it's pretty obvious that it's helped me grow out my fringe like I wanted it to. My hair grew around 2 inches in about a month and half which is probably twice as quick as my hair usually grows, if not even quicker.

It isn't the miracle growth treatment that some people might want for the price tag but to be brutally honest nothing will be. I hate to be a party pooper but there is no magic potion that will take your pixie crop and turn it into locks to rival Rapunzel's in a matter of weeks, I'm afraid it just isn't possible. These products might not be that maigic potion but they are probably as close as you'll get to it and they are bloody fantastic. THANK YOU MR STAFFORD!

Let me know if you try these products and if you're as pleased with the results as I am!
Alex x

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  1. This treatment sounds really interesting. I too have not used one in between shampoo and conditioner and never let it touch my scalp! But it sounds like a good product. Haha love the cute pic!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames



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