My SEVENTEEN Collection and Product Reviews

  If you've been on our blog before then you've probably figured out that Shan and I are big fans of Boot's SEVENTEEN products. So here are all the SEVENTEEN products tried and tested by me -there's a lot but I'll try not to make this post too lengthy. I'll just give you basic product info and a few (probably a little biased) opinions.

The first product I used from SEVENTEEN was this pressed powder. You can tell from the picture its been used plenty and I'm pleasantly surprised that it has lasted as long as it has. I've had it just over a couple of months and I've used it pretty much everyday. This powder is a great cheap option with light-medium coverage and it's pale. If you're pasty like me and struggle to find pale makeup then give this a try.

Lip crayons seem to be on every shelf of drug stores at the minute so I thought I'd give these a try. I love this red shade it's great for during the day and it's a staple item in my makeup bag this Autumn. Both of these crayons are well pigmented and when shopping I compared MUA crayons to these SEVENTEEN ones and found that the MUA ones weren't all that bright and look more like a tinted lipgloss. With that in mind I opted for SEVENTEEN's crayons and I'm glad I did! After seeing so many good coral, orange and peach shades I decided to purchase the orange crayon with this peach lipstick and have a play around. The lipstick isn't very bright but it gives your lips a lot of moisture and shine however, I must admit the crayon is my favourite lip product of late. 

 Other face products by SEVENTEEN I own are these three bad boys. The under eye concealer is reeeeeally light so be careful! Other than that its a fantastic concealer that stays on for hours. The bronzer is matte and my go to item for contouring. It blends easily and isn't too dark. My final face item is the On the Spot foundation. After the four weeks I have definitely seen a difference in my acne; it's a lot calmer, less red and  it's fading. This is another essential in my makeup bag and pale enough for a ghost like me.

 I saved the best product for last! This eyeliner is a blessing. Shan already reviewed this here so if you want more info click that link.

Apologies for the extreme length of this post but in fairness I did fit a lot in! Thanks for reading,

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