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So it's been a month since we last posted on the blog... Oops. But Shannon and myself have been super busy and I've been on holiday- which as you may have gathered from the title is what this post is going to be about. After getting a great holiday for a fraction of the price it usually would have been, I thought some people might appreciate some of my tips on how to book a super cheap holiday.

The total cost for me and my boyfriend for return flights to Malta, transfers and 7 nights in a 4* hotel cost just over £230. And I'm talking £230 total not per person! So trust me, I know how to save! I'm a student so I have to...

Shop around - ONLINE
This is my golden rule when it comes to buying anything! If it can be bought online spend a good amount of time browsing if you want to get yourself the best deal. I booked my holiday through Low Cost Holidays after spending hours browsing sites like Trivago and Ice Lolly.

Cashback Sites like Quidco often offer deals on holidays so be sure to check them before booking your get away.

There are hundreds of places you can get vouchers from for holidays whether its a newspaper, Groupon or a discount code website. Just google what you want. For example, 'low cost holidays voucher codes' will fetch up loads of codes that you can type in at the checkout and get you a few quid off your holiday. Nice one!

Don't over pack
I'm not one to be guilty of this as I'm super lazy when it comes to packing but if you get one of the hand luggage bags that are the maximum size allowance then you can fit enough stuff in there for a week- honestly I've done it more than once. Or if you really need more space why not share hold luggage with someone in stead of paying for 2 over packed bags?

Don't be a snob
Don't turn your nose up at cheap airlines, with the money you save you might be able to afford a posher hotel! Personally I think people tend to be drama queens when they pay extra for leg room and a seat that reclines when they're only on a flight for a couple of hours. That said it's more understandable for long haul flights...
I'd just like to say that when we were flying to and from Malta the Ryanair staff were brilliant, our in bound and outbound flights landed early and we had a decent amount of leg room! It genuinely was excellent value for money.

Is all inclusive really going to be cheaper?
It wouldn't have been for us in Malta. See if you can find out how much it is to eat out near by your hotel and if there's a close by supermarket you can grab sandwiches from. I looked at Jess' blog who currently lives in Malta and has written a lot about the place, so it really helped me budget. Take a look she might have something to help you out too because she has travelled a lot.

Be spontaneous- book wherever is cheap!
This is probably the best tip I can think of. Just browse holiday sites and find where is cheap at the time you want to go. Try something new.

Going term-time is the best option but if you have kids or have to go in school holiday time then February half term, Easter, or Summer half term are the best times to go on holiday for the cheapest prices and as a bonus you get away from the British weather!

I think I'm all out of tips now but if that isn't enough then Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert is the king of saving so he's bound to have more tips and tricks for you. Thanks for reading and enjoy your holiday!
Alex x

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