Coming up to the release of their new album Thirty TwoReverend and the Makers did 32 house gigs up and down the country. Playing in fans houses shows just how much the band love what they do and the fact they're in it for the fans. I'm well gutted I didn't get to go to one! But luckily they announced they would be playing in a few different HMV stores after the Thirty Two went on sale.

So, shortly after the release of their new album Reverend and the Makers played an acoustic set in HMV, Sheffield in front of a home crowd. It tends to be a massive sausage fest when you go see a band like this and that night was no exception. I don't really mind being in a crowd of mostly males; it usually makes for a better atmosphere but means I can't see a bloody thing. Surprise surprise I ended up stood behind someone that was about 9ft10 and had to stand on my tip toes and crane my neck to see anything.

The Rev!
The acoustic set was brilliant. I've seen the band a few times before but never seen an acoustic set so this made a nice change. New and old songs featured on the set list including; Miss Brown, Devil's Radio and of course, Heavyweight Champion of the World. After the set the band signed copies of their new album, chatted with fans and posed for pictures.

The album Thirty Two fantastic and I know the track Time will be the soundtrack to my summer. Tomorrow tickets go on sale to see Reverend and the Makers in Sheffield on the 24th and 25th of October. They'll be playing albums The State of Things and A French Kiss in the Chaos in full on the first date then @Reverend_Makers and Thirty Two the last day. I'm still undecided which day to go, or whether to go to both so someone tell me what to do?!

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