Bit of a silly title I know but I never know what to call outfit posts. I felt it was a fitting title anyway seeing as I'm wearing skate shoes and a skater dress. I'd have preferred to call it 'SK8R GRL' but I didn't want to make you cringe too much. So here is a cute, practical outfit for day- or maybe even night depending where you're going.

I adore this dress I got it from Boohoo for £10 in the sale. To say it was so inexpensive it's really flattering in comparison to other cheap skate dresses that cling to every bump, curve and roll. The fabric is nice and light so it's great for summer but the sleeves mean that I get wear out of it on colder days with a jacket and thicker tights. The pretty little bowler was only £5 from Select I spent weeks finding one that didn't look pathetic on my tiny head before I came across this one. 

These shoes were an absolute steal at only £18 from Branch309, I hadn't heard of them until about a month ago. Every pair of shoes on there is a bargain and they have some amazing brands too. I can't even begin to express just how comfy DC's are either! These are my first pair since I was 14 and thought I was the next Avril Lavigne but I have no idea why I stopped wearing them. It's like walking on memory foam!

A closer look at the print shows just how good the charcoal looks against the mint. this is a great way to do pastels if you're like me and struggle to pull yourself away from black on black on black on black on black... I couldn't tell you where the cuff or the ring are from because they were both gifts.

Hope you enjoyed my post
Alex x

2 amazing comments:

  1. DC's are amazing, I had a white and brown pair about 10 years ago! Really cute outfit and love the way you write! :) New follower here!

    Georgie xx

    Life in Loafers

    1. Thank you! I want to be a writer so that comment means a great deal to me.
      I followed back :)
      Alex x



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