I'd been hunting around for a lip stain for some time when I came across this one from e.l.f. This is in the shade 'Lucky Lady' which is a beautiful coral colour. These lip stains are the most expensive of the two that e.l.f do but they sill only cost £3.95 which is great and I purchased mine when they had 50% off- even better!

This shade is great for day time and is always my first choice for job interviews because it's subtler than the other bright or dark lipsticks I have in my collection. It's nice to have kissable, colourful lips! You don't have to worry about transfer with this product because it is staying put no matter what. You can easily get 6-8 hours of wear from one application.

These stains come with your bog standard doe foot applicator which isn't anything fancy but it does the job and it's reliable. I'd rather have that than some extravagant thing that makes I can't fathom and make a mess with. In comparison to some other matte lip products, I've found that this formula doesn't dry out or damage my lips at all and I've been wearing this regularly for a few months now so that isn't a naive first impression.

Just a coat or two and you're left with great pigmented colour and a fantastic matte finish. There is a gloss side to these stains as well but personally I much prefer the matte lip. Another brilliant high-quality product from the high street that won't burn a huge hole in your pocket! Nice one e.l.f.

Thanks, Alex

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  1. I actually have this but think i must have got a dodgy one as the clear was a thick gel not what it was ment t be like, it actually felt like the play putty but fell apart, shame coz i did love the colour x

    1. That's a shame, mine is probably the best quality lip product I own x

  2. That looks really pretty and stylish. lovely photos, the colour really suits you!

  3. This looks gorgeous! :D




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