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The Boyfriend Jean has become a huge new trend and I've been on a hunt for the perfect pair. Along the way I've found that there are many aspects that alter and I think that's what makes me love them so much; it makes them seem more of a permanent personal style choice, rather than a fashion trend that is in one season and out the next. That said they are a great jean for this transitional period from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter because you won't sweat to death on a warmer day or freeze on a cool one when you're wearing a style of jean that tends be cut up, turned up and baggy.

So one thing to consider is the shade of the jean you want. A quick browse of high street stores and you can find boyfriend jeans in denim of all shades. 
Light - New Look £24.99
Dark - Missguided £29.99
Black - Boohoo £25.00

Typically, boyfriend jeans are frayed and holey but it's not always the case. The pair to the left are, um... Neat? Well, they don't have any holes in anyway and then there are some pairs that are more holes than jeans. I don't have a preference, I think they're all pretty cool.
Neat - Levi's £90.00
Frayed - New Look £24.99
Holey - Boohoo £25.00

Low waist, deep waist or high waist? I'm battling a muffin top at the minute so I'm avoiding low waist but these from Missguided have me tempted. I love deep waist because you can always tuck a shirt or a cami in them and I love pairing a high waist with a crop top. There's too much choice I can't decide! Aaaaah! D: 
Low waist - Missguided £29.99 
Deep waist - Boohoo £25.00
High waist - Boohoo £20.00 

I'm in love with this style and can't make a decision but buying them all would be a tad pricey. So which are your favourites and where have you bought your dream pair of boyfriend jeans from?
Alex x

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  1. I think boyfriend jeans can really look so cool, unfortunately i can't pull it off ;p but i still like browsing for things like these haha x
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  2. I am desperate for a pair for boy friend jeans! You have created a great mood board of them.
    I know have somewhere to start x

  3. I love boyfriend jeans, but they really don't suit me unfortunately :(



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