Lipstick Log #1

This is sure to be the first of many Lipstick Logs. My collection of lipsticks, stains, balms, glosses and scrubs just gets bigger and I have so many amazing products I want to tell you all about it's going to take me a while to get through them. It can be tricky sifting through crap to find that perfect lipstick so I'll let you know when I find a product I think you'll love too. This Sleek Lipstick isn't perfect but it is amazing it's in my top 10 for sure!

I hunted for months for a really dark lipstick. I read blog posts, tweeted, asked friends, paced the counters in Boots and Superdrug and finally I found this brilliant vampy shade by Sleek.

I'll start with the positives. The shade is EXACTLY what I wanted and boy, was it hard to find. Other brands had dark shades but none were as dark as this Mulberry colour. In fact most brands dark lipsticks turned out to be really sheer when I tested them out but this one has some crazy pigmentation.
If you want a high shine lipstick then check out the Sheen ones that Sleek make because they have a lovely shine without feeling sticky or heavy. It looks like gloss, feels like lip balm but its really a lipstick...

The only down side to this lipstick it that it smudges easily, so it isn't very long lasting and can sometimes be blotchy when you apply it. But other than that I don't have a bad word! I just love wearing a dark lipstick with dark clothes and dark eyeliner and pretending it's Halloween everyday. I suppose Its like being a real life, grown up Mona the Vampire. Well done Sleek, you did good. I give this 4/5!

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