Sally Hansen £1

I stumbled across a few Sally Hansen products in Poundland and being a sucker for a bargain I snapped them up. One polish I bought was this Magnetic Nail Colour in the shade 'Red-y Response' which is more of a pinky purple shade than a red one but I do love the colour. I love the magnetic effect and it's really easy look to create and not messy and temperamental like I thought it would be. Unfortunately, the polish chips easily but it's easily sorted out if you have a decent top coat you can apply.

I've picked up a few different brands in my local Poundland such as Revlon and Neutrogena but what is the best bargain you've found in your local Poundland?

Alex x

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  1. Honestly, a few nice patterned bikinis that i put straight on ebay. Got nearly a tenner each! Bargain!

    1. Nice one! Don't think I've ever seen bikinis in Poundland myself, I'll keep an eye out

  2. Love it! I should go more often, with a blog title like mine!



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