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If you've read any of my blog posts before, the chances are you know that I pride myself on being a bit of a bargain hunter. I've read and watched a few £20 outfit posts and videos where people have admitted to struggling and a few where people have bought everything from Primark. So I took the challenge one step further and decided to not buy anything from Primark which is everyone's #1 (including me) when it comes to finding clothes and accessories that are super cheap. I don't really know why I felt the need to make things more difficult for myself but nevertheless, I did. This outfit came in at just £13 I did originally buy accessories too but decided they didn't match and scrapped them. Here is what I got...


This dress was a brilliant find in the New Look Sale at my local store. It had been reduced to £5 and it's unbelievable value for money. It's a lovely light weight, silky fabric so its perfect for this  good weather that's been coming and going lately. As you can see in the last picture it's a beautiful figure-hugging fit and makes me feel good about my figure which lets face it, is what you want what you wear to do- give you confidence! I was a bit iffy about the print at first because it's a little more floral and girly than what I usually wear but I like the paisley aspect of the print and the colours are wonderful and vibrant.

The sandals are a simple design so they'll be a staple piece of my summer wardrobe thanks to them matching everything and being really comfy. The sandals were only £8 from George at Asda and the the straps that cross the toes are a rubbery material so they're flexible when you move your feet and don't rub.

I hope you liked my bargains feel free to comment a link to any £20 outfit challenges you've completed.

Alex x

2 amazing comments:

  1. What a lovely dress, and such pretty sandals too! One of my favourite things about summer is pretty shoes!

  2. I love the dress and sandals! the outfit is similar to something I'd wear too! x



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