Quick Rant.

So the Mail Online have a new 'FeMail' section and it's all the most pointless, trivial, shit! Most of the stories featured are about naff reality T.V stars and what naff things they're doing and what naff things they're wearing. UGH!
1. It's not just women that enjoy reading this drivel, men do too.
2. Just as many women as men read the important stuff about politics ect
Don't get me wrong I do enjoy a bit of light reading about celebrities from time to time - hell we all do! But gender doesn't come in to the equation!
Rant over. Soz,

2 amazing comments:

  1. Hi I was an interned there a few years ago and believe you me you should see what it like behind the scene. xx


    1. I dread to imagine! Following you on Blog Lovin' x



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