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I've seen a lot of posts and videos on Autumn and Winter essentials but a lot of them haven't been ideal rules to follow for me seeing as the weather here in Yorkshire can be pretty challenging to say the least. Obviously not to the fault of the bloggers, they're just lucky enough to live in nicer climates. Anyway, I decided to make a list of essentials that can handle the rain, hail, snow and whatever else the North of England might throw at it.

First things first, you're going to need a coat. I adore my new coat from Select! I was looking for something that had a bit of colour and fell in love with this purple coat. I made sure it was a bit big so I could layer plenty of jumpers under it when the snow comes. It's nice and warm and has a hood for when the dreaded rain comes. Practical and fashionable! I really like the detailing on the buttons too as I find that tacky buttons can ruin the look of a lovely piece of clothing.

Plaits! Plaits are the best. If you don't like having your hair up, like me then its a great way to keep your hair out of your face. And don't forget to pick up some knitwear for when you're out and about as well as cosy nights in.

 More of my favourites are these cuties here. These brogues are from H&M and are good for showery days. This little bowler hat I found in my local Select after hunting all over for a reasonably priced one- and while we're on the subject of pricing don't forget that H&M and Select both do student discounts. Lastly, the bag. This satchel is awesome, I can't put in to words how fabulous this bag is. Unfortunately, with the bag being from Doc Martens it's pricey but it was a present and will last forever as its brilliant quality. The studs tarnish over time and the black paint comes away to reveal the brass studs so I'll probably do a before and after post when that happens.

Finally, the last things you might want to get your hands on are; some knee high boots like these Doc Martens ones here, some wellies, waterproof mascara and the fluffiest socks you can find.

Feel free to comment with your Winter essentials! And any fellow Northerners, brace yourselves - the snow is coming! Personally, I can't wait for it.

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