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Back in October my boyfriend Dan and I celebrated being together a year. Dan was an absolute babe and booked us a table at a vegan cafe/restaurant in Sheffield called Pure on Raw. Now, I've been a vegetarian for 8 years but neither of us are vegan so this was going to be a new experience for us both.

Not everything on the menu was raw but most things were. However, both of us ordered cooked things which kinda seemed like we were defeating the object but it's what we fancied. I ordered a vegan cappuccino which was absolutely beautiful - I think it was made with soy milk, but I could be wrong. Dan got some mocha milkshake thing which was really sweet and really big too.

Then there was our meals! Dan got toasted ciabatta with tomato and pesto and I got a toasted pepper wrap and we both opted for the creamy salad. Mine was lovely and so filling whereas Dan's was lighter. I preferred what Dan ordered and he preferred my meal, typical!

The restaurant was pretty quiet that night but regardless it had a lovely friendly atmosphere. The menu is pretty pricey but most ingredients are organic and they try to locally source products. I highly recommend the place to you whether you're vegan or not. If you aren't local I'd still recommend a vegan restaurant to you. Vegan food is always ridiculously good for you so if you're trying to eat better or lose weight a vegan place is a better option than something like an Italian or an American where you pig out on stuff that's probably pretty bad (even if it is yummy).

Let me know if you've been here or to any other vegan place! What were your thoughts?
Thanks for reading! Alex x

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