A few weeks back My mum, sister, brother and I did a Swimathon at our local swimming baths. Between us we swam 1.5miles in around 40 minutes by relaying. We swam 2 laps a time in pairs hence the speedy time. It was a great experience that gave my 9 year old sister a chance to show off he skills and encouraged my 6 year old brother to swim as he usually just faffs about. It seemed to give my little bro a confidence boost too which is nice as he tends to beat himself up a bit about swimming. So not only have we collected for a great charity but we have benefited from it as a family, so if you're looking out for things to do with your family charity events like this are a brilliant way to have fun while helping others.

As I'm sure you know Sport Relief is an excellent charity that funds many project in the UK and internationally. Any donations are accepted with many, many thanks and if you would like to give a little for our sponsor page  click HERE.

Thanks for reading, Alex x

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I swim once a week but haven't considered doing it for charity. I'm doing a 10k run in September but there's no reason why I shouldn't do a swim too!

  2. good idea, I'm fab at swimming I just don't go anymore :( x

    1. That's a shame! You should get back in to it , especially if you're good x



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