The sun seems to have been peering out through the clouds recently and summer is approaching. So I thought it'd be nice to do a review on something a little summery...  WARNING: This post contains appalling amounts of alliteration!

Winter has been tough on my skin and while I'm at uni I'm a sod for neglecting it. Awh poor skin :( Like many students I came home for Easter and made the most of having a bath; I got myself a pretty disappointing bath bomb, some bubble bath and dug some Original Source body scrub out of the cupboard. I was determined to nurse my skin back to health. After a good scrub my skin still wasn't feeling great so I raided the bathroom for a sufficient aid. That's when I stumbled across this lovely lotion!

I tend to shy away from shimmer because I break out in acne on my face, chest and shoulders but I thought I'd try this out on my legs as they aren't a problem area.  Regardless I'd still avoid problem areas with this because it would attract attention to any acne, eczema, grazes or scars that you might want to keep hidden (then again you might not want to hide them, they are normal, common things to find on your skin after all.)

My initial thought when I applied this was that I resembled a disco ball but it soon soaked in and left a more subtle shimmer.The lotion did feel sticky for a while and isn't as quick to absorb as other body lotions but still doesn't take a huge amount of time. It doesn't leave any gunky residue either, unlike some nasty body lotions do. Like all Dove products Silky Nourishment smells divine!

On another note, I can't use fake tan. Even the lightest of shades look ludicrous against my fair skin so this is an amazing alternative as the shimmer gives my legs a sun-kissed look. This is a great skin care buy for the soon approaching summer!

Thanks for reading, Alex x

6 amazing comments:

  1. Oeh looks like a pretty product!

  2. I've not tried this before, but your legs do have a sunkissed glow to them. I think I'll be picking this up next time i'm in Boots x

  3. I have this and love it! Love the scent too! Love the layout of your post hun! xx

  4. Ooo... I NEED this... im like you, pale, and any fake tan looks like I have been tangoed!

    1. It can be a pain being pale some times!



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