I'm no makeup artist but I have found this simple way to highlight and contour using Maybelline New York's cover sticks from their Fit Me collection. So here is how I give my little round face some structure.

These foundation sticks only provide really light covarage so I used Gosh's BB Cream as a base to give a little more coverage blemishes and dark circles.

I use two different shades to get this look. 115 is the lightest shade I could find in this foundation but I do believe there is a shade paler available in certain stores. Personally I don't think it is anywhere near light enough to use as a highlighter on my pastey skin, but being as pale as I am I don't have much choice of foundations light enough to match my skin never mind even lighter so I just settled for this. The shade for contouring is pretty spot on for me and any other pale folk and it's the shade 250.
The way I think about highlighting and contouring is; highlight the areas that stand out and contour areas that are further back or sunken in. So with this in mind I applied the lighter shade to my 't zone' as well as my cupid's bow, the centre of my chin, under eye area, and the tops of my cheek bones. I then used the dark shade down the side of my nose, my temples, the hollows of my cheeks and around my jaw line to help discuise that beautiful double chin I get in photos.
Then using an elf foundation brush I blended everything in using short strokes- just like you would when you blend in one shade of foundation.

To set the foundation I used the Fit Me pressed poweder in shade 115, Gosh Growth Mascara and an elf lip stain in Lucky Lady which I reviewed here.

And here is the finished look! Quick and easy as pie.
Thanks, Alex x

3 amazing comments:

  1. Oh wow stunning!! I really need to make time for make up! Im sure I would feel so much better about myself!

  2. Ah this looks so stunning and actually pretty easy to do - I may need to give it a go! Thanks for sharing :)

    Jess xo

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