I thought I'd have a little treat after finishing uni and give myself a nice little manicure. I'm no professional but i enjoyed it all the same and I think my nails turned out pretty good.

To start with I moisturised my hands and applied cuticle cream using No7 products; Protect & Perfect Hand Cream and Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Cream. These creams smell lovely and I can always rely on the hand cream to fix up any flaky, dry skin. After that I filed my nails until I got bored as opposed to until they were a similar shape and size. God I hate filing my nails.

The set I have used was the Leighton Denny Sweet Petites collection from Look Fantastic. This lovely set comes with a funny (but bloody fantastic) pink base coat, a top coat, correcter with an itsy bitsy brush and miracle drops.

This base coat isn't like any other I've ever used - It actually works for a start! Once applied it dries clear and matte so you can't even tell it's there. I was pretty fascinated by it in all honesty. Using all of it's mystical magical powers it grips the colour and makes it stick longer.

I put a coat of Technic black polish on for my colour. The Technic range is cheap and cheerful with a wide range of colours meaning they're great to build up your nail polish collection with. Unfortunately they can chip after just a couple of hours wear but with a decent base and top coat like I used they lasted a lot longer.
The top coat is high shine as you can see and dried pretty quickly. Once that had dried I tidied my nails up with the corrector which was quicker and easier to use than I thought it was, I'd assumed it would be a bit on the fiddly side of things.
With a drop of the miracle drops on each nail they were 100% dry within around 30 seconds if that, and fantastically shiny. The high shine lasted up until I removed it around 5 days later. This cute little set has a lot of staying power and I'd love to get my hands on more Leighton Denny products after finding these such high quality polishes. After this I'm thinking about giving myself a manicure more often it's nice to pamper yourself every now and again.

This post leaves me with two questions for you:

  • Have you ever bought anything from Look Fantastic?
  • Have you tried out any Leighton Denny products?
Thanks, Alex! x

* A big thanks to Look Fantastic for sending me this lovely gift x

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