Christmas Tag!

                                          I got tagged for this by Megan who started the tag. Enjoy!

What's your favourite Christmas movie?
You're going to think I'm a total Scrooge but I really don't  like Christmas films. At all. They're always really cheesey and they just really bug me.

Do you stay in your PJ's or dress up for Christmas?
PJ's! My parents, brother, sister and myself stay in our PJ's up until we head round to my Nan's place to have dinner and even then we don't really dress up, we just bang anyhting on. Actually, that excludes my little brother, he usually dresses as Batman or some other Superhero.

Do you and your family open gifts on Christmas eve or on Christmas day?
Christmas Day. My mum is really strict when it comes to that. Asking to open anything before Christmas is the worst thing you could ask my mum she really hates it for no apparent reason.

Favorite Holiday song?
Step into Christmas-Elton John. It's just so happy! And Elton John is a ridiculously talented ,musician.

Favorite Christmas meal or treat?
YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS! It's the staple diet of any Yorkshire lass and I binge on them on Christmas day. My mum makes two huge towers of Yorkshire puds; one crispy pile and one squidy pile. Squidgey are the best. YUM.

What happens on a typical Christmas eve night in your house?
Not much really. We all watch Christmas films, my mum gets extremely excited and sends everyone to bed early.

Does it snow where you live?
Yes but usually in January so no white Christmas for us :(

Is your Christmas tree real or a fake?
Fake. This question causes war in my house. Mum always wants real and Dad wants fake. I must say I much prefer a real tree. Real trees just smell devine and I don't mind the pine needles everywhere- think of it as extra decoration!

Tag you're it!

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  1. Hey Hun,

    Saw your link on BBloggers and FBloggers on facebook and love your site. I'm not following you on G+ and Bloglovin' Hope you will pop over to my site and take a peek and add me back :)

    Lucie // Fatbeautyx // Youtube

  2. Loving reading all these post's from everyone! Getting me even more excited from Chrimbo!! :) xo



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