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I can never drag myself out of bed. Its always so cold outside the cosy quilt and leaving the lovely, warm heaven is never appealing. When it comes to getting up on a morning I've tried many techniques (not all of them were voluntary) and nothing works. I've tried different alarm tones, going to bed earlier, drinking loads of water before bed so I need to pee in the morning, exercising before bed, being dragged out of bed, having water thrown over me- the list goes on! And on and on and on and on...
 I decided to search for an app; hell, there's one for everything! Eventually I came across this Walk Me Up app. The idea is that you set an alarm and it just continuously rings until you walk the amount of steps that you set. For example I set mine for 15 steps so my alarm continues to ring until I've got my arse out of bed an took 15 steps. I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong. You can't shake it. If you shake your phone this voice shouts at you and tells you to stop. Yeah, that's right, somehow it can tell the difference between walking and shaking.

Just thought I'd share this in the hope of helping a few fellow lazy bones.
Thanks for reading! Alex x

P.S- Don't sleep naked! You'll be really cold walking round your room. Trust me.

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