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My nails! I may have lied, it's not so much a Nails of the Day post, it's more of a Nails of the day a whole week ago post but never mind. I got this polish as an early Christmas present and it's from the Velvet Goth collection in the shade Obsidian (or just plain black if you can't be bothered with all the stupid names  shades of polishes and lipsticks seem to have) by Models Own and the detail pen is Models Own too. Both polishes apply well and aren't as thin and transparent as some drug store brand polishes can be. the polish barely chipped for the few days I had it on and the only negative I have about these polishes it that they were a royal pain in the arse to get off! However I imagine that if the polishes were easier to remove that they'd be easier to chip so I'll put up and shut up. I love the velvet effect that the shimmer and glitter created.

I love these polishes they're great value for money. Thank you for reading - I hope you enjoyed my first NOTD post!
Alex x

6 amazing comments:

  1. nice nail pattern, and love the glittery shade!

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    RASSP blog

  2. Nice sparkly black nails I really like the nail art too.

  3. Wow they look amazing! I'm so rubbish at looking after my nails but seeing things like this makes me want to! Added you on GFC and Bloglovin!

  4. I love a bit of sparkle and that looks great with a black polish!

  5. love sparkle thanks for sharing x

  6. Ooo this is gorgeous! I am rubbish at nail art. I play around with it but always end up having a strop haha

    Louise x

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