~REVIEW~ Maybelline 7 days gel nail colour

WOW! Massively impressed with this amazing nail polish. Originally, when I bought the polish I was expecting the whole '7 days' thing to be a load of bull as it tends to be on most nail polishes but boy was I wrong. 5 star rating..!

First impression This nail polish was the first gel effect polish I bought and didn't quite know what to expect. I was thrilled to find that it was really high shine and lasted the 7 days that it promised. I think it's worth mentioning that I love this shade 'surreal' too, it's a very cool purple that in some lights looks more blue. For the first 5 days it was almost as I applied it and just had slight chipping at the edges on some nails. Then came work... Working in a takeaway isn't the best place for keeping nail polish pristine so on day 6 and 7 it chipped more and became more dull nevertheless it was impressive as most of the polish was there after 7 days and survived 2 shifts of chopping onions. My only issue is the American spelling of 'color' on the packaging, but I'll let them off. Bloody brilliant! Best nail polish I own, can't recommend it enough!!!

Update I've updated this post AGAIN but this time with new pictures and what not because I wasn't happy with it the first time (I'd not been blogging long.) But yeah, these pictures are new and here are some new and better documented results.
The second picture was taken 8 days after I originally applied the polish and it stayed shiny and there wasn't much chipping considering I had been moving out of my flat so I'd been packing and prising staplers out of my notice board. I get excellent results every time I use this and it's my go to polish when I know that what I wear will have to last a long time, a rough night out or a day day swimming. Love it!
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  1. That is impressive as I often find nail polishes don't last as long as they claim even the more expensive brands like OPI. Will have to try this one out. x




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