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I don't know whether I'm alone in doing this, but whenever I get a dinner hour at work, I like to see it as a challenge. A challenge to cram as much fun stuff into said hour,all just to raise my spirits before my return back to the ever hectic Primarni shop-floor! Now, let's be honest, there's no better way raise a girl's spirit than shopping! So, during my break I hit the high street to see what products caught my eye and here's what I found... ( Be warned it's a long 'un!)

Let me start off by telling you, you can't get far in an hour during peak shopping times on a Saturday, especially when you need to knock 10 minutes off your time just to be able to give yourself time to scale the mountain's worth of steps back to the locker room at work! 

Shop number uno:

Good ol' Boots, now this part will be short and sweet, as I didn't buy anything! All I have to say is WHERE ARE YOU BABY LIPS?! Our shop is always the last to get anything in! I bet when we do get them in the 3for2 offer will be over and so will my triple points voucher. So, BOOOO! Shame on you Boots!

Shop number 2:
Lipstick £3 // Superdrug
Lip Polish £2.50 // Superdrug
To be fair, Superdrug didn't have the Baby Lips either! However, they did have som other cool stuff! All be it not very many of them!Of course I'm talking about One Direction make up from MUA, the range consists of nail polishes, lipsticks, lip polishes, cheek tints & also (released soon!) 3D nail effects which are designed around the boys preferences in colour and scent! I opted for the Be Mine lipstick (Harry) which is a very well pigmented ( Like all MUA lipsticks!) dark red colour. I love the detail in design on the tube I think the addition of the autograph of the band member on the inner tube is a great idea as well as the 1D logo embedded on the lipstick itself, It's a very unique touch so kudos to MUA

I also bought the Kiss You lip polish, this time opting for the beautifully scented cherry polish (Niall) due to its bright colour and it being my favourite scent too! ( & also because Niall is my favourite but shh!) The product comes in a Vaseline- Esq tube, with the autograph on the lid. The product itself is tinted and makes your lips slightly redder in colour very much like the tint you get from Body Shop's Red Born Lippy.

Shop number 3:

Love sign 99p // The Works
Driving books £6.99 // The Works
Little Purple Book 99p // The Works
The Works in our town in placed smack next door to WHSmith's and for some reason because of this I have the weird habit of buying things from The Works then running next door to see just how much I saved compared to the ridiculous prices that WHSmith's charge! Anyway, since I've recently started learning how to drive, I've been on the look out for books to help me with my theory, so I was very happy when I came across this set of 3 books by the AA whilst wondering around the almost cavernous shop! I know this won't be on interest to you all as it isn't beauty related but I had to tell you just for the saving! I saved a whopping £8 by buying them from The Works as opposed to their neighbours! The Works is great for all you book worms often stocking the latest books at half the price of other retailers!

Also , I bought the adorable Love sign for my room as well as the cute little purple notebook which I'll be using to jot down blog ideas, as most of my ideas come to me in the earlier hours of the morning this book will                                               be ideal as I won't have to be blinded by the light from my phonescreen!

Shop number 4:

Wet Wipes £1 // Poundland
Wonka's sweets £1 // Poundland
The home of bargains, Poundland is up next. I didn't really have time for a good luck around but I bought a pack of Huggies Baby Wipes simply because they always come in handy,they smell great and as you get 64 wipes for a pound, you can't go wrong! The main find was the Wonka sweets! Now I'm certain I'm not the only one who loves the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory films and the book too and as I've always wanted to try some Wonka sweets, especially the Everlasting Gobstoppers, they were in my basket quick as a flash! I was really excited by this find as the only place where I've ever seen these sweets stocked is in those overpriced American style sweet-shops we have knocking around!

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the bargains I dug out today as well as the new makeup I bought!  Now a question for you all, What's the most amazing discount you've ever come across? Answers on a postcard and post them below!

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  1. I can't find Baby Lips anywhere either! I've heard people say they've seen them in Superdrug, but I couldn't see them when I went in there yesterday. Think your best bet will be to buy them on boots.com as right now it's looking like they're an online exclusive.

    Those MUA lipsticks for One Direction look like cheap, nasty copies of MAC Viva Glam lipsticks, which is a tad annoying... But that's only because I can't stand One Direction. xD

    Good luck with your theory! Do a bit of practice everyday and you'll be passed and sitting your practical test in no time. ^_^ It's awesome driving around. :P


    1. I've searched every where for them! Like you said I'll have to order them online, I think they're on 3 for 2 at Superdrug at the moment too! I think it must be because I'm from a pretty small town that they don't get new stock in as fast.

      One Direction are a guilty pleasure, I usually hate the boy band scene but lately I've really softened to them!

      Thank you! I hope I don't just go blank on the day of my theory, it'd be just my luck! :P

    2. Yeah I noticed they're 3 for 2 in Boots as well. :D To be honest I looked in one of the biggest Boots stores in Birmingham and they didn't have them... I'm going to ask staff tomorrow, it'll be easier than looking around lost. xD

    3. We'll have a competition to see who can get one first! hahaha!

  2. I used to work in Primarni too...oh those dreadful stairs to the 4th floor staff rooms! Lovely haul, new follower here :) x

    1. Finally, someone who feels my pain! How I just wish they'd let us use the lift! And thank you so much! I see you're a Slytherin... House pride wooo! Same here I have the scarf!! Love your nail designs by the way! :D x



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