~TUTORIAL~ Quick and Easy Nail art!

 After writing up a review on Maybelline's 7 Days Gel Nail Colour I decided to do a quick nail art step by step tutorial using the polish that doesn't use any fancy tools or brushes and can be done in a few minutes. So here it is...

Step 1 Apply a base coat - Colour or clear apply a base coat. I used Avon's Peeling and Brittleness Solver then once you've applied it wait for the coat to dry.

Step 2 Get a dripping brush - This part can be tricky and very messy if you aren't careful! you need to get enough polish on your brush to be able to apply a small blob on your nail but not too much or it will go everywhere.

Step 3 Making a drip - Put a blob on your nail and gradually releasing pressure bring the brush up your nail. Do this as many times as you like then connect the drips with a French tip.

Step 4 Highlighting *optional* - Using an old small paint or makeup brush or a cocktail stick highlight parts of certain drips

Step 5 Finishing up - Apply a top coat and tidy the edges with a cotton bud in nail polish remover.


I know that the effect isn't as impressive as using the tools that others use but if you don't have the time to mess about or the money to by the tools this is a great way to get a fun design on your nails.
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2 amazing comments:

  1. Aww this looks amazing and really easy to try! Think I'll be giving this a go really soon. :D


    1. Thanks! The more you do it the better it gets, I'm a bit rusty on it now cause I hadn't done it in a while. Glad you liked it - Alex x



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