5 Tips to a Healthier, Happier you!

1. Exercise
I heard a chorus of groans as I wrote that but calm down dears it can be fun, honest. Find what you like to do and have the time and money for whether its walking a dog or joining some type of team. If you're feeling a bit adventurous you might want to try your hand at roller skating like Shannon 80's style!

2. Drink more Water
It's not very innovative but it is effective! I suffer from acne on my face and body and notice a massive improvement in my skin when I drink plenty of water. But it's not just for skin, it helps loads of stuff and if you're trying to cut down on snaking it tends to help keep you full.

Swap the chocolate for a handful of walnuts every now and then. Try to eat more fruit and veg. It doesn't matter what it is just set yourself a target and you're bound to feel good about reaching it! Think about something you do that isn't all that good for you and substitute it for something better... For example instead of using butter (chuff knows why anyone does it tastes like jizz) replace it with margarine. Or instead of staying up till 3 in the morning watching crime dramas (guilty as charged) go get a decent amount of sleep. If you're trying to shift some weight then have your wits about you and remember just because some fizzy pop has 0 calories it doesn't mean that its better for you than 150 calories of fruit smoothie!
You aren't going to be in the best of moods if you're constantly watching 500 Days of Summer and listening to The Smiths are you? If you're feeling down in the dumps get yourself a good comedy, some fun friends, a pot of PG Tips and a pack of custard creams! Don't constantly surround yourself with 'friends' that put you down. Surround yourself with positive people.

5.Don't go over board
If you're getting fit, losing weight or just trying to get a bit healthier it's important not to go over board! You're a human and need balance as well as some pyjama days to slack of. Oh, and cake... Everyone needs cake.

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