Doritos get the party started!*

Where do you eat Doritos? At a festival? With a film? At a fiesta? The chances are if you're eating Doritos its because you're with friends or family and doing something fun and their new video captures that idea perfectly...

This new video made me chuckle! I love the Mexican theme, and the guys in that band look like they'd be a right laugh to hang about with. Mexican food seems to be really popular at the moment so its probably an appropriate time for Doritos to brag about their Mexican roots. Watching this just made me want to get out the sombrero and the piƱata and have a good old fiesta. 

Here is a little something you can do if you're having a few friends over and want a quick and easy snack.
Get a pack of Doritos and empty the pack onto a plate. Then get some Doritos salsa dip - mild or hot (depending on how brave you feel) and pour it over the plate of Doritos. After, get some grated cheese and use it to smother the Doritos. Finally put the plate in the microwave for about 40 seconds or until all cheese is melted and there you have it! Nachos to share with friends in under 3 minutes! 

So what we want to know is when do you eat Doritos..? Who with? 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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