~ REVIEW~ Veet Easy Wax Roll on Kit

When I got this wax kit I was really excited to use it and wasn't really worried about the pain (am 'ard me). I found setting it up was really easy you just have to put the wax in, put the top on, stand it in the stand and plug it in. Easy! It doesn't take too long to heat up and it says it stays warm for 15 minutes if you don't want to use it plugged in. That said I wouldn't recommend unplugging the rolly thingy because although it is usable it becomes more painful as it loses heat.


The wax went on fine and using the wax strips all wax and hair came out quickly, easily and almost painlessly. This is when I encountered my problem- there wasn't enough wax strips! There is enough wax left in the device to wax again but there wasn't even enough wax to finish my both my legs once, even when I used the back of them. However you can buy more strips from as little as £2.99 for 20 at Superdrug so it isn't too much of an issue. The bits of my legs that did get waxed have stayed smooth and hairless for the past 3 weeks which has really impressed me seen as it usually doesn't take me long to go from smooth as a babies bottom to something that resembles big foot. 

You can buy different refills with smaller heads for your armpits and bikini line as well as some with wax for sensitive skin and all refills are reasonably priced at around £10 in Boots. If you wax a lot this product would be a great investment for you and I would highly recommend it despite the shortage of strips. And if you're a first time water like me I'd probably say look around to see if you can find it on offer just in case you find its not the product for you. The kit is on offer at the minute at £14.99 in Boots so click here to check it out.

Where: Boots, Superdrug
How much: from £14.99 - £39.99
Rating: 9/10 (the lack of strips and expensive price lost it a mark)

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  1. Oooh, Thanks! My boyfriend bought this for me yesterday. I'm terrified & excited to use it!

    1. Glad to be of help! just keep it plugged in and it shouldn't hurt. make sure you have plenty of strips though :-)
      Alex x



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