~BODY IMAGE~ Part 2 of 3 ~ A Little Photoshop, a Big Impact

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This is the second post of the body image series and this one is about Photoshop. Anyone can download Photoshop for their computer and I personally do have and use Photoshop. In my opinion the use of Photoshop isn't a bad thing however I do think that people should be open about the use of it and the original pictures before being edited for publishing should be more readily available and easier to find. Some of this stuff is really shocking...

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As you can see in the Katy Perry image editors made her already massive rack even bigger which isn't going to boost the confidence of Katy or the young, adolescent, undeveloped girls reading the magazine. Clearly this isn't all they've changed- her sock has been removed and her fingers straightened which seems pretty pointless to me. Katy's skin has been brightened and had imperfections removed as well as having her muscle definition on her stomach removed which I think is kind of counter productive as, well... isn't being toned a positive thing? Jennifer Lawrence has been slimmed out, tanned and completely altered on this cover. However, unlike others the incredibly humble Jennifer has been open about how edited her pictures get (by the sounds of it she isn't thrilled about that fact) which I applaud her for. Let's face it she looked better before! They just took a beautiful healthy girl and made her look like Skeletor with a tan.

Don't forget that everyone can download editing software like GIMP and Photoshop so from your Nan to your Neighbour that profile picture could have been tampered with. This site can tell you if an image has been edited and even what software they used to edit with! After uploading a certain 'Facebook Famous' person's profile picture which was -and I quote-  'unedited' we found that it really had been and most likely by using GIMP. Personally I find the most irritating thing when people deny altering pictures that are completely unrealistic which results in easily influenced people putting pressure on themselves to look a certain way which is impossible for any person to look.

Just remember most pictures you see in shops, online and in magazines are an unrealistic representations of the men and women in the image. Don't be so harsh on yourself, because you're fine the way you are!

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  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award :) x

  2. Great post. I've had it with all the flawless and poreless skin seen on super-close-up adverts. NO product on earth gives you that effect, NO product.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Great lighting does though! Thanks for reading
      Alex x

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